SciFi UI Framework

This website version covers the package arwes v1.0.0-alpha.5 published in February, 2018. This version is now deprecated. Please refer to the latest project version

Arwes is a web framework to build user interfaces for web applications based on science fiction and cyberpunk styles guidelines, animations and sounds effects. The idea is to provide an user experience as if you were using futuristic out of a movie interfaces for your project.

The tools are based on React for components, JSS for styles, react-transition-group for animations, Howler for sounds and Prism for code highlighting.

See GitHub repository or npm package.

Get Started

Let’s create a simple example with create-react-app:

$ create-react-app example

Arwes is only compatible with React version 17.

Now let’s install Arwes:

$ cd example
$ npm install --save arwes@1.0.0-alpha.5

Images and sounds are not provided, if you want to use the assets implemented in the docs, download them from the static folder in the GitHub repository.

Once installed, enter to the folder and empty the src/index.js to start from scratch.


Once setup, explore the features.